In the business world, there’s nothing more important than great perception. Many people have the perception that Pensions is mundane and serves as a yawn aid but we worked to change that and also give PAL Pensions a serious competitive edge.

PAL Pensions wanted more than an online presence, they wanted a complete brand experience that was young, fun, tech savvy and sophisticated in order to reach out to their target group in ways they could relate with and for DigiEngage, that was a match made in digital heaven.

The first thing we did was scout out the competition. We researched the Pensions industry in Nigeria, got to know their consumers and to our utmost surprise, NO PFA was leading the pack as far as the youth market and pensions industry was concerned. This presented an opportunity for PAL Pensions to be the first, the best and the most preferred in a way that other brands couldn’t.

To achieve that, PALs were occasionally engaged with relevant, engaging conversations around their interests and aspirations whilst subtly infusing the importance of saving for a financially secure future in 90 percent of the content created. The PAL Hub was designed to create a community of youths who were keen on making an impact and advertently create a financially secure future for themselves.


55,366unique users (organic traffic)

65,000sessions till date

30,000+leads generated

Ranked Number 1 youth centric Pensions Funds Administrator

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