When the FCMB brand wanted to launch its youth account, we helped them create a digital presence with oomph that offered a triple threat combo of Fun. Future. Banking via the Flexxzone. The Flexxzone was designed to proffer solutions to the challenges of the everyday need of the young Nigerian.

What were these needs? From previous experience, we thoroughly researched and found the three most immediate and basic needs of the Nigerian youth to be to have Fun, be assured of a better future and seamlessly conduct all kinds of transactions without ever visiting a brick and mortar banking hall.

We deployed our full creative service capabilities by creating a great user experience and bespoke content as priority to bring the Flexxzone to life and boost the Flexx product awareness online.

Today, the Flexxzone stands as a leading hub with over 70,000 unique visitors and has become and a lead generation platform which has served as an effective tool for FCMB to use as a hub of information and research.

230,000+page views

74,000Unique users (organic traffic)

89,000sessions till date

30,000+leads generated

Ranked Number 3 as a top youth lifestyle platform from a Nigerian bank

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